A single pane of glass for every employee

Stitched together from information in HRIS, payroll, performance, cap table, ATS…

... Done for You

The Autograph Data Engine parses data across 100+ integrations to unify a given employee's profile across every system.

Empower Your Forecasts with the Pulse of Real-Time Data

Nimbus’s AI-Driven Forecasts harness the power of advanced machine learning algorithms, ensuring each prediction is not only accurate but also reliable. Navigate through your business journey with confidence.

Visualize Your Future through Intuitive Dashboards

Experience a seamless interaction with your predictive data through Nimbus’s user-friendly dashboards. Tailor your visualizations to meet your unique analytical needs, ensuring critical insights are always accessible and actionable.

Seamlessly Integrate and Synchronize Your Analytical Ecosystem

Nimbus is not just a standalone platform but a synergistic solution designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing business tools and platforms. From CRMs to ERPs, Nimbus ensures your predictive analytics are always in harmony.