Visibility, control, and reporting for all your HR data

Connect 100+ best-of-breed HR systems for a holistic picture of every employee. Create powerful weekly HR & Finance reports that you can refresh in seconds.

Uplevel your HR Stack

For data-driven HR teams

A 360° employee view, based on 100+ systems

Combine employee data from your existing systems — Payroll, Benefits, Performance, Cap Table, ATS, Documents, and IT — to create a real-time source of truth.

Harness your data to get a full picture... at the individual, team, org, or company level.

Query everything right from within Slack — in plain english, thanks to the magic of AI.

Prioritize hotspots and catch critical issues

Talent Management: Monitor early warning indicators like manager turnover, abnormal spans of control, and outlier compensation.

Data Integrity: Identify discrepancies effortlessly, to help you keep information updated and accurate across systems.

Compliance: Get alerts when critical documents, equity issuances, or offboarding tasks are missing.

Finally, an HRIS that reports to you (... get it?)

Answer critical business questions: by employee, team, org, or company.

1. Combine ATS & payroll data to estimate headcount cost & burn next month & quarter.

2. Analyze headcount cost: base, base + incentive, fully-loaded, or total cost.

3. Easily diagnose compensation outliers.

Connect and conquer

What if your HR tools didn't just coexist... but collaborated?

Out-of-the-box diagnostics

Out of the box business logic so you spend less time on error-prone spreadsheet joins.

All your tools in one place

Unlock a real-time source of truth with over 100 HR & payroll integrations.